Juice Plus+®
is a wholefood fruits and vegetables supplement in a capsule. The concept is so simple yet Juice Plus+® has become integral component to my demanding life as law student, ultra runner, motivational speaker, patron of Nutrition Plus and researcher at Baker & McKenzie. I feel supported by the people at Juice Plus as much as I do by the product.

Ascend Proven Sports Protein is crucial to my recovery throughout the long training days and intense competitive events throughout the world. My body is being pushed beyond what I sometimes think is possible and since taking Ascend’s recovery range I am constantly amazed how quickly I bounce back.

CW-X creates the ideal clothing for the challenges I embark on – with hectic terrain, extreme & volatile temperatures and looooooonnnng distances. CW-X garments offer superior support to the key muscles and joints used by endurance athletes.  Their products provide variable compression, which helps to increase blood flow, which optimizes my performance and reduces muscle oscillation which equates to reduced fatigue.


Brooks footwear has never let me down. Since changing to Brooks Cascadia early in 2010 I no longer get blisters, which is one of the biggest causes of competitor pull out in multi- day ultra events. I wear the Brooks Racer ST on road and have no issues with changing from their trail to minimal road racer. Gotta love the bright colours in both ranges!


Injinji is the brainchild behind toe socks, which many ultra runners embrace. Just like my Brooks footwear, Injinji socks ensure that I don’t get any gnarly blisters that prevent me from putting one foot in front of the other.

The Bushy Creative




The Bushy Creative are responsible for my design, website, photography and video needs. Nic Davidson is creative, innovative and in my opinion a bit of a genius. I always take this guy on my expedition as he can solve any problem and keep me smiling when I am at my lowest of lows.